Diplomatic Breakthrough in the Libyan Conflict

Earlier this week a diplomatic breakthrough was reached by rival factions in the ongoing Libyan conflict. During a meeting between the presidents of the house of representatives and the state council, a compromise was brokered by the Italian Foreign Minister and the Italian Ambassador to Libya. Although the specific details of a unity government have yet to be determined, this week’s meeting constitutes a crucial breakthrough following years of fighting, with each side agreeing to ‘reach peaceful and fair solutions…’ Observers have praised the meeting as a crucial first step in the road towards peace and reconciliation in Libya.


ETA Disarms After 40 Years of Violence

After four decades of violence in northeastern Spain, which led to over 800 deaths, Basque Separatist group ETA announced its intention to fully disarm in a letter to the BBC. The announcement was followed by a mass demonstration for peace and the discovery of 3.5 tonnes of weapons in France, where the group had its command and logistical base. ETA’s decision to disarm comes several years after the organization’s unilateral ceasefire in 2011. After the events of the past week, ETA says it is now a ‘disarmed organization.’