Diplomatic Breakthrough in the Libyan Conflict

Earlier this week a diplomatic breakthrough was reached by rival factions in the ongoing Libyan conflict. During a meeting between the presidents of the house of representatives and the state council, a compromise was brokered by the Italian Foreign Minister and the Italian Ambassador to Libya. Although the specific details of a unity government have yet to be determined, this week’s meeting constitutes a crucial breakthrough following years of fighting, with each side agreeing to ‘reach peaceful and fair solutions…’ Observers have praised the meeting as a crucial first step in the road towards peace and reconciliation in Libya.

Indefinite Ceasefire Reached in Philippines

After four decades of violent conflict, the Philippine Government and communist rebels reached an indefinite cease-fire deal on Friday. The agreement, which was brokered by the Government of Norway, represents an historic breakthrough. The deal will provide a foundation for further peace talks as the two sides continue to negotiate a range of political, constitutional, economic and social issues before signing a final deal.

An End to 50 Years of Conflict in Colombia

On 23 June 2016, an historic cease-fire agreement was signed between Farc rebels and the Government of Colombia. The agreement was hailed as a momentous step forward in bringing an end to 50 years of civil conflict in Colombia – one of the longest running wars in history. The occasion was marked as a victory for the people of Colombia and widely celebrated around the globe, as Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos declared: ‘Today a new chapter opens, one that brings back peace….’